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polyheDren was born as a quarantine project from composer/producer, dren mcdonald. polyheDren is a collaborative music experiment, with every song a new creation with a different guest musician(s).

100% of the sales from all polyhedren music goes to the Bay Area Music Project, a non-profit, after school music program.


Since the Covid Crisis began they've quickly adapted from their daily,  site based music program, to an online, video based, distance learning music program. This program needs your help now, so that kids can lose themselves in the joy of making more than ever!

You can also donate directly here or at their Facebook page here

...and more about composer/producer,

dren mcdonald...

who is known for the diverse soundtracks to video games such as Counterstrike Global Offensive, Gunman Taco Truck, Gathering Sky, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Cooking Dash, recordings such as The String Arcade and the classic meme generator, Instagram's

SuperZoom Dramatic music stinger!

dren McDonald | polyheDren
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