The third single, PLANTED A FLOWER is out now!! Check out the music video here with drone cinematography by documentary filmmaker Louie Psihoyos (The Game Changers/The Cove). 

Guests featured are vocalist Ali Paris (Alicia Keys), cellist Misha Khalikulov (Rupa and the April Fishes) and JD Mayer (InFamous/Uncharted game soundtracks) on drum kit. 

As with every polyhedren release, 100% of sales/streaming supports children's music education thru Bay Area Music Project.  

The second single, FILM STARS is out now!! Check out the music video here. And if you would like to check out the Film Stars AR effect in Instagram, where you can control the music sounds with your facial gestures, check it out here!

Featuring Moorea Dickason (Raze the Maze & MoeTar), and Daria Novo, on vocals

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